Cover of 40,000 Hours
40,000 Hours
Optimizing Retirement
Henry A. Feldman, Jr.
First you retire, then you realize if you live another 20 years and want to replace the 2,000 hours per year you once spent at work, you will have to find enough to do to fill those 40,000 hours!

While every retiree has the right to do nothing, medical research indicates the chances of becoming depressed, sick, or dying prematurely can be the consequence of persistent idleness. Conversely, living an active, goal-oriented life can help you live longer, with a sustained high quality of life. In fact, it might become the best time of your life.

Henry A. Feldman, Jr. graduated from the Wharton School with a B.S. in Economics and went on to attend the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business. His investment advisory services led to becoming a Certified Financial Planner and the start of Concord Asset Management, LLC. It offered investment management services to high net worth individuals and institutional investors. He is the author of Attract Sell Keep: The Art of Marketing Your Services. 

Softcover: 6 x 9, 104 pages
Published: October 25, 2019
ISBN 13:

Electronic Editions: Kindle Edition (amazon.com); Nook Edition (bn.com) 

Autora Henry A. Feldman, Jr.
Henry's book is packed with useful ideas and recommendations for an optimistic and enthusiastic approach to the last phase of our lives. Retirement gives us the great gift of time to grow, learn, and redefine ourselves. Open the gift!
--Allen M. Siegel, MD and Assitant Professor of Psychiatry (Ret) Rush University Medical Center
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