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I Speak of Simple Things
Donna Glenn Humphrey

Donna Glenn Humphrey recorded her life in raw but lyrical poetry, beginning as a young mother during the 1940s and continuing to the time of her tragic death in 2005. After her funeral, her children found her poems in boxes, folders and drawers of the desk that symbolized her respect for the written word. Humphrey's poems evoke an era of early 20th century rural life -- unromantic, often cruel -- its harshness tempered by the wonder of the natural world, the communion of family, and the yearning we know as God.

About the Author
Humphrey grew up on a Kansas farm and came to adulthood during the Great Depression. Her hope of attending high school was one of many dreams denied. Her father said she was needed at the farm. The impression made on the young woman was "you're not worth it; you're only a girl." Married at 18, her life was devoted to work and family. Like nearly all women of her generation, she put her secret dreams aside and did her duty to her family and community. Her insights were not shared with many. In another era, Donna would have had a different life. We can only imagine what might have been. She lived with what was, and so do we.

Paperback:  9x6" 96 pages
Published:  September 24, 2007

ISBN: 978-0976123576

Autora Donna Glenn Humphrey

"Donna Humphrey is one of those poets who, though lost in the crevices, keeps poetry (and the language) alive by writing with clarity and feeling. It is right and well that this book should see the light of day."
--Robert Burleigh, Author

"Humphrey's poems are written in a plain, lyrical style. They tell stories, evoking a woman's life in a place and time that was hard for everyone, especially sensitive, ambitious women."
--Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune

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